Bushweek's 10th year anniversary!

It is an event that gives people the opportunity to build their own festival...

This is a platform to come together as community and co-create.

Bushweek encourages all people who attend to actively contribute to the festival. Over the course of a week, you will find some way that you can add your bit of magic. Everybody at Bushweek is considered to be a volunteer. If something needs doing we encourage people to step up and do it! 


Bushweek is about living self sustainably, consciously and creatively. 


We offer you a space outside the boundaries of regular society to come together in a dynamic collaboration.


Bushweek is totally family friendly and adored by the kids who come.   It is a special place where people of all ages can work together, learn new skills and be fully immersed in some of the most pristine nature on this planet!